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Agent: Ken Phelps
Date: 10/31/2011
Property: Old Summersville Road
Buyer: J.P.

"Ken has sold me two houses this year and has made my experience painless and comforting. I recommend him to anyoneI see. Thank you, J.P."
Agent: Madison Cox
Date: 6/10/2011
Property: Hampton Court, Campbellsville
Buyer: A.D.

"Madison is great- this was my first time purchasing a home and he took the extra time to explain things...I also enjoyed the perk of using the Century 21 moving van free of charge-with the other expenses of moving into my new home, that was one less thing I had to worry about. Thanks Madison and C21 for everything!"
Agent: Madison Cox
Date: 2/9/2011
Property: West High Street, Campbellsville
Seller: A Relocation Company

" I represent a 3rd party Relocation Company. I found him on Realtor.com. madiosn read the paperwork, kept in touch, just like a veteran relocation agent. Found the buyer, got the paerwork for me done, and put the deal together. ...he was a pleasure to work with! Exciting when we find this kind of service commitment and professionalism in smaller towns...he made me look good and the clients were happy with sale. Thanks!' P. K. B, CRP
Agent: Mary Joe Green
Date: 10/27/2011
Property: Davis Rd., Campbellsville
Client: K.L.

" I am so happy with my new place and everyone involved was so nice and helpful. Thanks you Mary Jo and Century 21!"
Agent: Mary Jo Green
Date: 11-10-11
Property: Mayflower Ln., Campbellsville
Buyer: D.G.

" Mary Jo Green was excellent to work with! "
Agent: Mary Jo Green
Date: 7/18/2013
Seller: B.S.

Mary Jo is the most wonderful real estate agent I've ever known. She was willing to go above and beyond to make sure everything was taken care of. She deserves more than "10". We can't say enough good things about her!
Agent: Dana Milby
Seller: M.W.
Property: 356 Cambridge Way
Date: 8/8/13

"It was delightful to work with an agent and business that value honesty and integrity as much as I do. Thank you."
Agent: Dana Milby
Buyer: D.P.
Property: 274 Shreveport Dr.
Date: 3/14/13

"Our buying experience was excellent. Dana Milby is top notch and very professional. We would and will recommend her to people."
Agent: Dana Milby
Buyer: S.D.
Property: 121 Hunters Trace
Date: 12/29/12

"It was a wonderful experience. Dana was great."
Agent: Dana Milby
Buyer: D.H.
Property: 274 Springhill Dr.
Date: 10/19/12

Agent: Dana Milby
Seller: L.H.
Property: 94 Hunters Trace
Date: 9/21/12

"Dana Milby is one of the most professional people I have ever worked with. I will and have recommended her to friends who are buying or selling property. I will never contract with anyone else as long as she is in this area. Love my agent!"
Agent: Dana Milby
Buyer: M.D.
Property: 80 Fragrant Flowers Ln.
Date: 10/25/12

"We could not have asked for a better realtor than Dana. She worked with us from beginning to end to make the process as stress free as possible. We were extremely satisfied with the service we received from Century 21."
Agent: Ken Phelps
Date: 5/20/13
Property: 1644 Salleetown Rd.
Seller: D.N.

Ken did a wonderful job and was there to answer any questions we had.
Agent: Ken Phelps
Date: 3/3/13
Property: 350 Dragway Ln.
Seller: J. B.

Ken was very patient and stayed in touch with us through out the process of selling our home.
Agent: Ken Phelps
Date: 4/1/13
Property: Tract 1B Coy and Bryant Division
Seller: R.O.

Ken is an awesome agent! We would highly recommend him to anyone! Thanks so much for helping us to sell.
Agent: Jamie Russell
Date: 7/18/13
Property: 75 Franklin Rd.
Seller: M.M.

Jamie made everything seem effortless!
Agent: Jamie Russell
Date: 8/9/13
Property: 160 Brooke Way
Seller: R.P.

Jamie and his co-workers did an excellent job selling my house in Campbellsville and I do appreciate their efforts.
Agent: Maryjo Green
Date: 5/7/13
Property: E. 1st St.
Buyer: C.C.

Mary Jo was fantastic in every way! She is always extremely helpful and cheerful. She is not pushy, but is very well-informed with anything we have ever asked her about. It seems she goes out of her way to help us, and always is in tune with exactly what we are looking for. We have already recommended her to several people and will continue to do so. Hopefully many people will turn to her for help and have such good experiences as we have had!
Agent: Mary Jo Green
Date: 2/17/12
Property: Hwy. 327
Buyer: A.D.

Mary Jo Green was so great at keeping me informed as what was going on every step of the way so much so I hope when I buy my next one she can be our realty agent.
Agent: Mary Jo Green
Date: 2/16/12
Property: Ebenezer
Seller: T.M.

Mary Jo put me at ease, sold the house and took care of all of the details, no stress for me.

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